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is the most important aspect of project management

Every year, poor communication costs small businesses with under 100 employees -$420,000 and companies with over 100,000 employees over -$62 million.

The challenge increases as we move further into a remote-first world


of remote workers reported increased struggles with inconsistent leadership, miscommunications and misunderstandings between team members compared to working in the office.


of remote workers reported feeling overwhelmed by the high volume of emails and other means of communication like Slack messages.


of remote workers reported a high degree of exaustion from daily video calls with many admitting they are “simply listening for their name” or “trying to pay attention, but often zoning out”.

Get everyone on the same page instantly using a visual graph

Connect your tasks together

The only tool of its kind. Make the who, what and how clear to everyone involved. Reduce confusion and give the best chance for your project to succeed.

Figure out instantly what to do next. No more confusion on who is responsible

Easily track the project's progress. Make it easier to plan and adjust expectation

Less time spent on meetings while increasing clarity for everyone involved

What makes it different from Trello?

Trello uses kanban which originates from the manufacturing industry. It's designed to work well for that but doesn't translate well to remote working.

Recall's Strength

Plan projects ahead of time to make things go smoother

It's easy to know how things are progressing

Trivial to figure out the scope

Trello's Weaknesses

Hard to make sense of progress

A dedicated project manager is required

Cannot plan ahead of time

No relations making it hard to coordinate

Tried and proven technique

Recall is based on a concept invented nearly 70 years ago. Its goal was to simplify the planning and scheduling of large and complex projects.

The technique was originally developed for the U.S. Navy to support the U.S. Navy's Polaris nuclear submarine project. Afterwards, It found applications is many different industries.

It has been successfully used in high profile projects like the Winter Olympics in Grenoble, development of the former WTC building and the NASA's Apollo Program.

Your project manager probably uses it

All project starts in the planning phase. There are many ways of writing it down. However, plain text is not sufficient for anything beyond trivial tasks.

Many resort to creating a network diagram similar to Recall. Gantt chart is a popular alternative that works for smaller projects. If you know how to use Gantt chart, you know how to use Recall.

In fact, Recall was originally created because a project manager created something similar using Excel. We saw how effective it was and wondered why there was nothing like it in the market.

More things you can do with Recall

Easily connect and arrange tasks together

It's just drag and drop!

Mapping your project is trivial using our interactive viewport. Move items around, draw connections, rename task, delete them, and much more.

Organize however you like

Create folders and store tasks in them as you would any other file. Assign a custom


to group or filter them together.

Do you support

sprints, stories, or epics?

Yes we do! Our system allows you to use any method you want. Simply create a folder with the structure you need.

Show only the things you care about

Filter through your data through any combination of logic possible using our powerful filtering engine.

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