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Michael's portrait

Hi! 👋

My name is Michael.

I am the Founder and Engineer of Recall

I love to make things!

What kind? All sorts. But all of them have one thing in common:

The joy lies in

Finishing a project

Recall was born because I grew tired of the current state of project management tools

As a software developer, I've used tools like JIRA, Trello and Linear. All three vary widely and can be useful in its own way.

However, all of them have the same critical problem:


Working with others gets messy

Most task involves many different people. When everything is a list, it's hard to know who is responsible for what.

In a typical board, most things are blocked. By what? Who knows! I found myself spending a lot of time reading every single item.

Often times, it's also hard to find anything and the tools are a chore to use.

Example of blocking tasks

With Recall, I aim to create a tool that less

- Management

And more of

+ Getting things done

To achieve that, Recall is designed around dependencies and working with other people

Example of Workspace

Now you can get notified when it's your turn and see current progress with a glance. Plan ahead and get everyone on the same page!

Get in touch with me through 👉 E-mail, Website, or Twitter

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