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When blog is too much

August 22, 2022

Michael Salim


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“I need to write something for Recall” - Me months ago.

And yet here I am. With nothing to show until today.

Writing a blog is hard. I took me a whole day + a few hours to write this post. My tiny brain also keeps telling me to do something more “productive”’ instead.

Writing isn’t productive right? Why not code that one feature instead? It’s just gonna take a minute.

TinyLog - Blog, what?

I’ve decided to call this TinyLog. Why? I feel like a blog has some expectation attached to it.

At the very least, I write blogs with some expectations in mind. Something my reader can learn about or find interesting.

My goal with TinyLog is to help me just write something. The best way to get better is to do a lot of it. Here’s a video by Veritasium that talks more about it. That’s certainly how I got good at programming.

That’s not to say that I won’t write something that will provide value. It just won’t be as clear cut. Or perhaps, there won’t be a singular topic that I focus on.


The smaller, the easier for me to finish writing it. While my main website only have 3 blogs, I actually have 28 blog topics saved up. Can you believe that? I’d say 50% of them are only title ideas and the rest are half written.


It’s also a “Log”. It’s meant to be more about my experience. So I’ll probably do less research on these posts. They will most likely be my experiences and struggles while building Recall. Twitter is a place where I can write these. But 280 characters aren’t exactly a lot. I’m also the type to write things at the end of an event instead of during it.


Believe it or not, my first 3 blog was quite the success. The first was featured on Hackernoon post of the week, the second and third had a lot of engagement from Hackernews.

The third alone brought 11.6k views to my website.

So I have some sort of pressure to write something good — if not for anything else, to keep the streak.


Here? I don’t expect many to read these at all. I wrote 2 of them already in the span of 2 hours. It’s liberating.

Maybe some of the content here can be even be restructured into a blog once I get around to doing that.

In the meantime, you can read the second one where I write about the struggles of getting this TinyLog section to work!

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